Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Jakarta Property Institute (JPI)?
JPI is a non-profit organisation with a mission to make Jakarta a more liveable city and to accelerate the growth of the real estate industry. We conduct research, collaborate with experts and facilitate dialogues between key players. These key players include the real estate industry and various stakeholders like the government. JPI’s vision is to solve pressing urban issues affecting the city’s economic growth and standard of living.

2. Who are the members of JPI?
JPI members are owners of high-rise buildings who want to contribute to help Jakarta become a better city.

3. What is the purpose of JPI?
JPI was formed to be a platform for constructive dialogue and cooperation between real estate players and the government to pursue the complementary goals of promoting sustainable growth for the city and the real estate industry.

4. How does JPI help solve urban issues?
Jakarta opens the doors for the property industry and public sector to actively discuss Jakarta’s development. JPI starts by researching on the various urban issues. JPI then holds discussions, seminars or training that would later be used as input for DKI Jakarta’s government to solve those issues.

5. What project is conducted by JPI?
JPI undertakes projects that can provide benefits for the citizens of Jakarta that is in line with the interest of the government and private sector within the scope of city development, the economy, public policy and environmental advocacy.

6. Does JPI conduct research?
Yes, JPI conducts research that can support our projects. JPI also welcomes anyone who would like to assist us in performing research tackling the hard-hitting urban issues Jakarta faces.

7. What makes JPI different from other real estate organisations?
JPI focuses on the issues revolving around the development of high rise buildings that could benefit the citizens, government and also the private sector.

8. How can I become a member of JPI?
Full membership of JPI is attained through nominations from JPI existing members and appointment by JPI’s Board of Trustees. Only owners of high rise buildings can become members, and they cannot appoint representatives.

9. How can I collaborate with JPI?
JPI always welcomes new collaborators that have similar goals as our projects.

10. Can I join for an internship at JPI?
JPI welcomes those who are interested to make Jakarta a better city. Please send your resume to