DKI Jakarta Visited CLC in Singapore

15 October 2016

Jakarta, 6-7 October 2016 - Jakarta Property Institute with four representatives from DKI Jakarta local government visited the Center for Liveable Cities (CLC) in Singapore. The visit was targeted as a learning process to better understand the systems and policies implemented in the making of Singapore to be the most livable city in Asia.

Four officials represented the local government of DKI Jakarta was selected based on their track records and believed to bring bright future for DKI Jakarta are: Head of One Stop Services Agency (PTSP) Edy Junaedi, Head of Technical Services of PTSP Iwan Kurniawan, Head of Evaluation Section City Planning Department Merry Morfosa, and Head of Land Utilization City Planning Department, Pandita Adiningrat.

The two days visit was filled with presentations and discussions with Singapore's government experts, including officials who were/are directly involved in the implementation Singapore's urban development policies. Among others are officials from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Green Building Policy Department, and also experts from CONQUAS and CoreNet.

Each topic was presented in a very informative and in depth method regarding the history of the policies and also the execution processes, including the adjustments within throughout the periods. The presentations covered extensive area of knowledge, beginning from steps in creating the master plan, legislation system, development controls, guidance, and the permit/approval processes. The participants were very enthusiastic during the discussion. "The presentation materials are very detail. Therefore the visit and the study is very effective," said Pandita.

JPI Director Executive, Wendy Haryanto, said that the program is a result of cooperation between JPI and CLC Singapore. The cooperation aims to assist in competence and skill building through higher level of exposures on best practices in the region.

Wendy said that, in the long term plan, the program will involve more DKI Jakarta government officials, covering more topics on the priority lists. JPI and CLC Singapore expect about 20 or more officials to be involved in this program in the near future programs.


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